Honorable Disputed Couples






    1.             Bukhari Group of family masalahati council is a pioneer group in providing worldly and religious,  legal and family aid in this God gifted country of Pakistan. Its head office is working in Multan, a famous city of Punjab province. It is providing the solution services for a long time to reconnect the disputed couples and families.
    2.           The advisory team of BG has saved hundreds of families from the humiliation and disgrace of complaining at police stations and approaching at courts. Alhamdulillah! Our team has provided guidance and saved so many families from disputes and the curse of divorce (Talaq). Now they are spending their family life with happiness and gay.
    3.            Our vision and mission is to minimize and eradicate the unnatural and un-religious contradictions and disputes which are the main causes of divorce and isolation of the couples.
    4.          Our main purpose is to save and safeguard the couples and order of Allah from disobedience.
    5.         So, Save yourselves from the disputes and divorces. And the disgrace of police stations and courts.
    6.          Please urgently provide yourselves with guidance from BG team and join hands with the BG in this welfare and purposeful deed.
    7.          Life is a Blessing of Allah and enjoy this blessing according to the order of Allah with peace and calm with your family and spouse.

Syed Mohsin Shah

Advocate High Court,
Kachahry, Multan